Fit Line Engineering Sdn Bhd

Fit-line was formed in 1989 starting her business in trading various kinds of fittings and hoses in Malaysia market.At present , Fit-Line has three marketing companies and a manufacturing house to cater the dosmestic as well as international needs and requirement of fittings and hoses for industrial application.

Fit-Line is committed to produce, maintain and costantly improve our standards in the quality of products and services as we march into the 21st century. All aspects of our operation are structured to meet these objectives.

Strive to be world class manufacturer of precision extruded plastics as well as fittings for pneumatic and hydraulic application.

Quality Policy
Since inception , Fit-Line is focusing on quality assurance. With ISO9001 to be achieved in due time as we speak. And others quality assurance requirement to commit strongly on customers satisfaction, regulatory and statutory requirement of the industries.

The company has adopted ISO as a platform for :
- Defect prevention
- Eliminate variance and wastage
- Continuous improvement in quality
- On-time delivery to enhance customer satisfaction

Production and Test Verification
In order to meet our objectives and expecially those of our customers' demands. We have invested in competent key people and state of the equipment using latest technology and manufacturing process that do not compromise on quality and costs.

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